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Dedicated to orphan success. Committed to building an energetic, open-minded generation.

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I, and the one who looks after an orphan, will be together like this in the next world" –Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 500/year or 42/month

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Welcome Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization

Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization is a humanitarian, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to nurturing and educating orphans. Established in 1991 in Dearborn, Michigan, Al-Mabarrat secures sponsors and donations for 15 schools and 9 orphanages in Lebanon, Iraq and other impoverished countries.

Following its missionary spirit, Al-Mabarrat, as a human experience, aims at guiding and assisting each generation seeking knowledge, enlightenment and progress in life. Al-Mabarrat represents a message: we should all unite our efforts to help these young men and women attain leading positions in our society.


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Our Mission

Al-Mabarrat aims, through the orphan care program established in its institutions, to fully build up an orphan’s character physically, intellectually, scientifically, spiritually and socially. Furthermore, we strive to enrich society with capacities that are the result of student acquisitions through the educational process.