About Orphanages

Educational Institutes:

The Kawthar Secondary School opened in 1996 in Beirut's southern suburbs. This school is considered to be one of the largest schools of the charities. It provides academic education from kindergarten through high school providing education for mainstream as well as special needs students.

Imam Al-Hassan Secondary School opened in 1992 in Ruwais in the southern suburbs of Beirut which aims at instilling moral values ​​in the hearts and minds of students.

Mercy High School was founded in 2001 in Nabatieh in Southern Lebanon. It provides a secondary education curriculum approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and issued by the Educational Center for Research and Development.

Mujtaba High School was founded between 1990 and 1991 in Beirut and caters to 1150 students.

Imam Al-Jawad High School is located in the Bekaa Valley and was founded in 1990. The school is seeking to secure the proper upbringing of the youth through personal attention to aspects of its various dimensions of educational, health, social issues.

Al- Bachaer High School is located in Balbeek and was founded in the year 2000. It caters to about 2000 students.

Imam Al-Baqir High School was founded in 1986 in the Bekaa Valley.

The School of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (AS) was founded in 1991 in South Lebanon in the town of Ma'roub.

Imam Jaafar Sadik Charitable Association was established in 1992 in South Lebanon, and opened its doors in 1994.

The School of Ishraq was founded in 2002 in the town of Aynata.

In 1999 the School of Imam al-Kadhim was founded in The Bekaa Valley.

Imam Al-Hussein School was founded in 1999 in the town of Suhmur.

In 1981, Ibrar School was founded in the Doha in Beirut.

Rasoul Al-Mahaba School was opened in 2008 in Byblos.

In September of 2002, Isa Ibn Maryam was opened in Dardarah. The school consists of three buildings stretching more than 2,500 square meters. It has allocated two buildings for students and another for management activities.


In 1996, Mabarrat Al-Sayyeda Khadija was founded in to be a charity caring for orphans and working to satisfy their needs and hone in on their talents. The orphanage provides orphans with skills to allow them to grow physically, psychologically, and mentally in order to understand their role in society.

Mabarrat Imam Al-Khoei is the first of the institutions of Al-Mabarrat that instilled aspirations in orphans and revived their hopes. Located in Beirut, the orphanage of Imam Al-Khoei continuously develops education in order to build a generation of believers and learners.

Prophet Joseph orphanage was founded in 2008 in Dawha near Beirut.

Imam Zain Al-Abedeen Orphanage is located in Hermel, Baalbak. The orphanage opened in 1989 and began to accept orphans receiving care at the orphanage Imam al-Khoei.

Imam Ali Orphanage is located in Ma'roub and was established in 1991.

Al-Kheir Orphanage was established in 2011 and is located in the South Lebanon.

Sayeeda Maryam Orphanage opened in Southern Lebanon in 1994 to meet the urgent need for the existence of institutes in the region embracing orphans and providing them with various necessary services.

Imam Al-Reda Orphanage opened after the devastating war in July of 2006 in order to build the generation and provide a much needed education for orphans. This orphanage was opened in the Nabatieh in 2007.

In 2006, Mabarrat Nabi Ibrahim was opened in the town of Khiem in South Lebanon.