Success Stories

The prophet has said, “He who sponsors all orphan expenses, Allah grants him heaven.”

"Al-Mabarrat is my first home!"

Hassan Al-Hussaini summarizes his experience at the organization as, “Al-Mabarrat is my first home!” Al-Mabarrat is the organization that gave him the tools he needed for a successful life and still provides for him today.

After his father’s death in 1996, Hassan entered Imam Al-Khouei orphanage as a 3rd grader. After elementary and middle school, he went to Imam Al-Hassan High School where he graduated with excellent grades in general science. In 2011, he was awarded a scholarship from Antonine University where he studied and got his bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering.

Through financial and educational support, Al-Mabarrat provided Hassan with the necessary skills for him to succeed. After finishing his first year in college, Al-Mabarrat hired him as an administrative assistant for the physical education department, and in 2008 he was promoted to administrator of that department.

Hassan’s journey with Al-Mabarrat did not stop there. The organization took care of him throughout different stages of his life staying in his thoughts as he always talks about the wonderful environment, care and education provided.

Hassan lived most of his life at the orphanage. Even after graduation, he loves to stay there because he feels safe and at home. Though Hassan is still looking for a job within his field, the organization provides him with a steady income in his current position. As is the case with the humanitarian nature of Al-Mabarrat, they will not leave a person who depends on them at any stage of his/her life.

“I am so proud that I was raised at Al-Mabarrat; the presence of many respected individuals made us more powerful to face this life with volition. We were taught not to give up during tough times and to be hard workers. I hope that one day I will be able to pay back an ounce of the great opportunities that Al-Mabarrat provided me with throughout my life,” Hassan said.

“We were taught that sports are manners!”

Ali Al-Haj Hassan entered Al- Khouei Orphanage at the age of 16 and studied electronic studies at Ali Al-Akbar Institute. He was differentiated among other orphans for his athletic abilities as he was part of the sports teams of Al-Mabarrat for more than 12 years. Ali played with the team progressively improving from a level 4 to a level 1.

Today Ali works as coordinator for the physical education department at Imam Al-Hassan High School and he is one of the members of the athletic committee at Al-Mabarrat.

Ali remembers his athletic experience at Al-Mabarrat club where they were visited by clergy from the organization to give them tips on how to play based on Islamic standards. He was always reminded by clergy that, “It is not important to win or to lose, what is important is to leave a good impression about Islamic teams.” Ali says that Al-Mabarrat team had a very good reputation among all other teams being known for their good manners, decency and sportsmanship.

Ali Al-Haj Hassan says that Al-Mabarrat Association was a great supportive provider for him in this life because it raises good generations and gives hope to those who are going through hard times.

“I feel a sense of responsibility to work for Al-Mabarrat!”

Hussein Ali Alaadeen was an only child when his father died in 1995. He entered Al-Mabarrat at the age of 12 because his family could not afford to pay tuition at other schools. During his first years at Al-Mabarrat, Hussein was scared to be away from his family, but through the tenderness of Al-Mabarrat’s environment compensated for his loss while living at an orphanage. When he would go back home on the weekend he was always excited to get back to school when Monday came around because he had happy memories when he was in school.

Hussein studied at Al-Abrar and would go to the orphanage when he needed assistance with his studies by the curriculum coordinator. After his studies, he would enjoy playing soccer and basketball with his friends. Hussein completed high school in the year 2000. After that he attended Imam Ali Al-Akbar Technical School where he studied accounting. With time and experience he took over the accounting department at Al-Dawha Educational Institution.

“I love Al-Mabarrat and I am very much attached. I feel a sense of responsibility to work in the place that raised me,” Hussein says. He refuses to work outside of the organization although he was offered other positions. Al-Mabarrat helped him discover his religion and gave him a deeper meaning of life.